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Towards promoting Inclusive society that upholds the dignity and rights of Disabled, Mentally Ill, HIV affected.

Differently able Persons suffer the most in the society. They are deprived of Dignity of life and reduced to minimum living existence. ORBIT through its community-based program has provided strong support system to differently abled persons to restore their human dignity; reintegrate them to the mainstream of the society and to live a sustainable life amidst their physical challenges. ORBIT strives to rehabilitate them in their communities through the process of inclusion and integration at different levels right from early stage of life of a child to the later. It involves parents, relatives, Panchayathraj institutions, local bodies, schools and the community at large. They are encouraged and assisted to get into income generation activities and self employment to enhance their standard of living. CBR Program for the differently abled covers 69 DPOs and 5 Taluk Federations of Bidar district in Karnataka. We are working:

  • To integrate differently abled persons into the mainstream of the society
  • To help people with disabilities by establishing Community Based Rehabilitation programs for social integration, equalization of opportunities and rehabilitation.
  • To empower the differently abled persons by giving them guidance and awareness to make it work as a double edged sword in changing the mindset of the public and the differently abled as well.

We aim towards an Inclusive society that upholds the dignity and rights of Disabled, Mentally Ill, HIV affected. And our objectives include:

  • Disabled, & HIV affected children benefit from inclusive education and inclusive education becomes a reality in Bidar District.
  • Empowerment of disabled through vocational trainings, Income Generating Activities and Self Employment to lead a sustainable living.
  • Disabled participate, protect, uphold and practice good governance by availing government benefits/ entitlements.
  • Mentally ill persons get rehabilitation and are integrated through community based rehabilitation program
  • Separate Rehabilitation, Care and vocational Training centre for HIV affected Children and Destitutes catering to their need is established

 Our activities include:

  • Formation and Strengthening of DPO’s
  • Leadership training
  • Awareness on nutrition, health, hygiene, sanitation
  • Awareness on NRPD act, various Government schemes and entitlements
  • Health check-up camp, Corrective surgeries
  • Distribution of assistive devices
  • Inclusive Education, Vocational Trainings, Self employment and Income Generation Activities

We have reached 1,930 beneficiaries. Over 25,000 aids and implements were distributed since 2010. Such as: Wheel chairs- 116; crutches- 4436; HKAF (Hip Knee Ankle Foot) Belt – 1086;  KAFO ( Knee Ankle Foot Ortho) – 5032; AFO (Ankle Foot Ortho) -3096; shoes-5046; MCR chapels- 182; Body brush -36; Hand splint -506; Hearing Aid -2006; Walking stick-3009;Artificail limbs (hand & Leg) 1106 (Total-25657)