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Child development programme

Integrated Child Development - Childline 1098


Employing sustainable approaches and strategies towards making children to enjoy their rights.

Every child is image of God and the child of today is tomorrow’s citizen of the nation. This makes development of the child responsibility of all. The responsibility is doubled when care, security, protection and growth of the child is put upon the shoulder of every citizen by the law of the nation. ORBIT has vouched to shoulder this responsibility of children by collaborating with Child Line India Foundation, under Women and Child Welfare Ministry of Govt. of India and also through its own personal efforts like Vidya Vikas and Integrated Child Development programs. We are working to:

  • Promote child rights and its protection
  • Habilitate the working children and the children found on street
  • Eradicate child labor
  • Mainstream school dropouts and children on the street.
  • Spread awareness on child help line 1098
  • Make people aware on benefits of forming children’s club
  • Create awareness among parents on the importance of education of children

Sustainable approaches and strategies are established making children enjoy their rights in a safe, secure and child friendly environment. Our objectives include:

  • Formation of Child Clubs helping children to know and enjoy their rights.
  • Identify and reduce malnutrition by 40% through awareness and ensuring the implementation of ICDS programs in villages/ wards/ slums.
  • Children will be made aware of their rights and entitlements.
  • Sensitize communities about child marriage, and substance abuse and Prevent & Reduce child trafficking, child abuse, child labour, child marriage, and school dropouts.
  • Children of Single parents, marginalized families, and families engaged in rag picking, child labor will be mainstreamed through education.
  • In collaboration with District Health Department, 100 CLHA/ CWD will get acceptance and be mainstreamed reducing stigma and discrimination.


  • Awareness programs in School, through stalls, slums, cinema theatres, parks, tourist places
  • Visits to homes, Auto drivers, Shop owners and Government officers
  • Open house program
  • Child Help Line Day, Child Line Se Dosthi and Anti – child labor day, anti- child marriage day, Anti-tobacco day.
  • Namma Chitta Makkalatta


With the support of Central government, ORBIT organizes the program in Basavakalyan and Humnabad taluks of Bidar district in collaboration with the regional headquarters in Chennai.

Overall we have helped 960 Children in the last 8 years of this project.