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Our Values

Our Values

The values enumerated below are the guiding standards for the organization and its members including employees. We therefore not only own them and value them but also manifest them in all our endeavors to make this world a better place for the poor and the marginalized for which, we have a preferential option. We believe in the dignity of the human persons, their right to rule and manage their own lives by developing their inherent potentialities and making the optimum use of the opportunities before them. We become the facilitators in this process.

The dignity of the human being, Equity, Justice, Transparency, Accountability, Solidarity and Professionalism are our values.

The dignity of the human being:

ORBIT in all its endeavors will ever strive to protect and promote the dignity of the individuals in its own workplaces, in all its dealing with its partners and the society at large. We believe in the sacredness and the value of life and the inalienable right to life of every human being. ORBIT in all its efforts will promote respect for human lives irrespective of religion, culture etc.


ORBIT believes in an equitable society where equal opportunities are provided to every person to access and control resources in proportion to each one’s needs and requirements. People should be able to make choices on matters affecting their lives. People should be in control over processes affecting their lives. Being fully aware of our social milieu we are also committed to a special option for empowerment of women.


Inspired by the social teachings of the Catholic Church, ORBIT will strive to promote justice and peace in the society. We believe that every human being has the right to express and be heard and treated justly in all situations.


ORBIT will strive to enhance solidarity with the poor and those who whole-heartedly share the some concerns. Through solidarity we express a firm determination and commitment to the common good. The vision of solidarity binds us together establishing a society where all will receive what rightly belongs to us as children of God.

Transparency and accountability:

Transparency, mutual accountability, openness, loyalty ate fundamental values and preconditions for the organizational growth. Therefore every person in ORBIT is accountable for his or her actions. Transparency in all decision making processes, utilization of resources, assessing performances and communication. ORBIT believes in sharing the concerns and apprehensions of all those we serve in a spirit of trust and mutual respect. Team spirit is fundamental to and organizations’ culture wherein work becomes a process of learning and progressing together. Each person is considered as a unique contributor who is valued and respected.


ORBIT and its staff strive to be efficient and effective in performance matching up with the required competencies (Skills, knowledge and attitudes). The organization displays commitment, integrity and honesty in attitudes and measure input and output in work.