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Women in North Karnataka suffer the most in terms of Social, Economic, political independence. Women Empowerment program addresses these issues of most backward area of Karnataka by forming them in to Self Help Groups (SHGs), Cluster Federations, Taluk Federations and District Federation. The program enables and empowers the women to lead a life of dignity, equity along with economic independence achieved through Income Generation Activities and Self Employment. The empowered women with enhanced sense of gender equality, justice and social responsibility voice out and resolve atrocities on women and children.

We are empowering women towards social, political and economic independence to establish gender-sensitive society that upholds the dignity and rights of women.

  • Federations emerge as independent self-sustaining institution, safeguarding and promoting sustainable livelihood.
  • Emerged leaders among the women participate, protect, uphold and practice good governance by availing government benefits/ entitlements and mobilizing resources, thereby increasing their social – economic status leading to self reliance  
  • The families in villages respect, Uphold & Practice Gender Equality by increasing the Confidence Level of 75% of Women who voice out & report atrocities
  • Women take up issues on nutrition, health, sanitation and environment benefitting to the communities.

Response of Women to the Program

Groups Nos Members
Self Help Groups 600 9000
Women Grass root Federations 40 450
Women Taluk Federations 05 80
District Federation 1 25
Senior Citizens Groups 22 144



Overall we have helped 5,243 beneficiaries through this project

Activities and results for the last year:




Number of trainings Participants
Trainings 202 5942
Awareness sessions 21 3302
Celebrations 61 5052